A is for Awesome: Wake Up and Be Awesome!

I got all excited about starting a blog, and I blogged a bit. And then the reality of my full-time day job(s) took over again and I stalled. But then I stumbled across the A to Z blog challenge. Apparently you’re supposed to have a theme, and blog through the alphabet on that theme for 26 straight days (minus Sundays). Of course, I read about it today, and they’re already halfway through the alphabet, so I won’t be officially joining the challenge this year (2018 goal!), but I am going to go ahead and do it anyway on here. Probably much more slowly.

So, “A”. My Daughter has pajamas that say “WAKE UP AND BE AWESOME!” on them. She got them from her Grandma, my Mom. Mom said she got them because she thought E would like the colors and the star pattern on them, and “you can just ignore the saying on the front”. Seriously, Mom?! That’s the best part! And herein lies the problem. I’m not sure I–or probably many of you all either–got the message from our mothers to “wake up and be awesome” as little girls.

How do you even accomplish “Wake Up and Be Awesome”? To start, decide to be. And even if you don’t feel it, fake it. Research has demonstrated that posture really does influence attitude. Strike your best “I’m awesome!” pose in the mirror while you’re getting ready in the morning. I’m serious, really do this. Chances are you’ll feel a little more badass than five minutes prior. Go about your day this way, and notice yourself making better choices and feeling a little more confident than usual. Which brings me to step two…

Tell yourself you will be awesome. The jury is out on traditional “I am ___” affirmations. For some people, they actually make things worse. Upon hearing themselves speak the words, their brains conjure up all the evidence as to why they are, in fact, not [fill in chosen affirmation here]. But phrasing the affirmations in the future tense eliminates that issue. The future is unwritten. Until you write it. By saying how awesome you will be.

Step three: actually do the awesome things. Even little awesome things like bringing coffee to a coworker or your kid’s teacher. Affirmations and postures are great and all, but you have to partner them with action. The affirmation helps prime the action, and the action boosts our self-esteem, making the affirmation ring more true. It can be a positive and very powerful cycle. (At the risk of sounding too Dr. Laura-y, self-esteem without any actual reason to esteem yourself is just narcissism.)

So, Mamas, it is up to us. We have to make sure we tell our girls, and our boys for that matter, and (why not) even our partners–but most importantly, ourselves–to “WAKE UP AND BE AWESOME”! And keep watching this blog for 25 more alphabetically-listed ways to take great care of yourself.  You deserve it!

4 thoughts on “A is for Awesome: Wake Up and Be Awesome!

  1. I love this post! You are so right it’s about mindset and deciding on how you want to feel and what you want to make happen that day! This comes at a perfect time too, middle of the week where I am dreaming of the weekend!!!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad it was helpful. Sometimes easier said than done, I know, but practicing (working it out like any muscle) makes it easier. I hope you had an awesome day!

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