B is for Bed: Make Your Bed

A refreshingly easy and surprisingly powerful way to take care of yourself and change the tone of your whole day is to MAKE YOUR BED.  It slays me how easy and painless this is and how much bang you get for your buck on this one.  (Though getting the littles to do the same is like pulling teeth (and some other funnier metaphors), so I usually just end up making theirs too.  I mean good grief, you’d think it would be easier to just make the damn bed than to pick up the pillows, whine, put the pillows back down, intentionally flop the blanket around as helplessly as possible whilst whining “It’s too hard…I caaaaan’t”, throw some stuff at your brother, and finally do it anyway because your mom is COUNTING and you don’t want to lose another piece of your Halloween candy??)


(I know, right? But some people don’t actually know…)  First, make sure the bottom sheet is still snug around each corner.  I didn’t know this was a thing until I married my Husband, who manages to dislodge his side of the bottom sheet from it’s corner EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.  And take a minute to make sure nothing is still in the bed that doesn’t belong there (socks, your book, stray stuffed animals from when your kids snuck into bed). Next, quickly fluff the pillows.  It makes a big difference, especially if they’re down.  It’s the difference between laying down that night on a fluff of bliss vs laying down on a balled-up lump.  Then pull up the sheets and blankets.  Take a minute to make sure they’re smooth.  Do whatever fold-and-tuck suits you.  Over or under the pillows, it doesn’t matter, as long as they’re up there and ready to fold back and climb into that night.  Hotels tuck them under the pillows.  After that, pull up the comforter/duvet/bedspread.  This goes all the way up and covers the pillows.  Some people do a tuck under the pillows here too, but I don’t.  Finally place some pretty, decorative pillows on the bed.  These seem to annoy my Husband, but I’m sure he secretly likes them.  They add style to the room and make the bed look…made. 


The act of making the bed in the morning reinforces the Wake up and Be Awesome. In under two minutes, you can go from “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” to “I am going to CRUSH this day!” It gives a sense of mastery and control. You can make even the messiest of rooms look more polished this way.  It also puts you in a good spot in case you have any unexpected visitors that day, like, for instance, your mother.  Or your realtor.  This practice also gives you a two-minute built-in pause in your hectic morning to remember to set an intention for the day.  And finally, it really does up the quality of your sleep the next night.  Think of the last time you stayed in a hotel, or a friend’s well-made guest bed.  Laying down for rest in a bed like that provides a luxurious, stress-melting relief that laying down on a pile of tangled sheets and debris from the day just can’t.  And if I haven’t convinced you yet, these guys at The Spruce make a pretty good argument, too.  Now if I could only get them to write it into a children’s book…

So go make your bed as soon as you can, have a wonderful day, and sleep well tonight! 

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